We all want to be stronger, leaner, have more energy, sleep better, and perform to our best all day, everyday...

And if you don't, we pose the question why not?

Here at BTN HQ we pride ourselves in helping two types of people, people that have made the decision to change and need a coach to guide them to their goals with a structured program, and personal trainers in aiding their educational development, by teaching them the BTN way.

Nothing we do is an overnight solution, the programs we build and the education systems we teach implement strategies of long term change, through education, the teaching of life skills. So if your ready to take the step to empower yourself with the knowledge to change, then check out the BTN Coaching Team and our nutrition coaching packages. Or if you are a coach looking to take your nutrition knowledge to the next level, then enrol on the waiting list for the next BTN Academy, our sell out nutrition coaching course which opens twice a year.

The Body Type Nutrition Academy

Want to help your clients get better results? Want to be the best coach you can be? Join the worlds most comprehensive 12 month online interactive nutrition course aimed at personal trainers, coaches and nutrition geeks. Find out more info and leave your details on our waiting list. The doors open in April and October every year and we sell out our spaces within 2 hours. Advance your knowledge, join...

The Body Type Nutrition Academy

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Want more knowledge? Want to help yourself build a better body and improve your own health? The BTN shop is loaded with self-help guides, ebooks, video seminars, templates, macro guidelines and more. Come explore what we have to offer...

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Supplement overkill

Posted by DanielMeek on November 25, 2014

I’ve taken fat loss supplements when I’m trying to bigger, I’m sure you may have as well. CLA, Thermogenics, cartinine and green tea extract all while trying to gain muscle size. I’ve also taken creatine, beta-alanine, D-Aspartic Acid (LOL), pre workout shakes, BCAA’s, Tribulus, HMB and glutamine. It’s not to say that none of those supplements work (except CLA, carnitine, DAA, Tribulus, they are worse than useless), but the point is that I have been duped into buying them at some point in my life. Luckily it wasn’t last week. It was in fact when I was a young impressionable 21 year old trying to do whatever I could to get some muscle and get ripped at the same time. It was so easy to do, all the magazines told me I could do it and promised as much with their “unique” workouts for ripped abs and huge arms.
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