Wish you could go abroad with like minded people to learn, train, relax, and have fun in the sun? Well now you can with the BTN Marbella Retreat. Come stay with us and immerse yourself in knowledge and fun.

You’ve maybe seen our sell out retreat on social media, or have been told about it on the grape vine, or have possibly heard about the infamous Mike’s Gym in Marbella where we host the BTN retreat. Either way, let us tell you how much fun and education you’ll get by attending one of our retreats this summer.

Firstly, what happens on a BTN Retreat?

Our aim is that you challenge yourself, learn a lot, have fun, make new friends, and make some serious life memories. Many of the people that come on the BTN Retreat don’t know anyone, and come alone, so don’t feel you can’t go solo. This is the perfect trip for anyone looking for adventure in the sun.

We will spend the whole week learning, eating, lifting things, having a go on the assault course, getting out and exploring the local area, sun bathing, reading, stretching, doing workshops and seminars, playing water volley ball (of course all the things we do on the retreat are optional), and generally just having as much fun as humanly possible while developing as people, both in spirit and knowledge on a journey of health and fitness.

What does a typical day look like?

  • 7am: Rise and shine 
  • 7-8am: Breakfast 
  • 9am: Seated seminar on a specific topic  
  • 10am: Movement seminar 
  • 11am: Training based on that movement seminar 
  • 12.30pm: Lunch
  • 1-5.30pm: Chill/personal time and option to work 1-2-1 with coaches, play sport, explore, read, head into town
  • 5.30pm: 2nd Training session either in gym or on assault course or movement based seminar
  • 7-8pm: Dinner (one night we travel out for a meal)
  • 8pm: Relax, chat, chill, your time

What will you learn?

During your stay with us you will learn a ton, some stuff we teach is set in stone in the schedule, and some is flexible. We do this to cater for the needs of all attendees on the retreat (asking you at the beginning of your stay with us), one key reason we bring out 3 coaches to each retreat (Simon, Ben & Carl). A typical retreat can see you learn and perfect moves like the squat, bench, deadlift and other key lifts in the gym to ensure you are nailing the basics. We do multiple movement and mobility workshops to give you tricks, techniques and teachings on optimising your movement prep, and movement in general. We cover other gym based movements and look at hypertrophy and fat loss training.

We deliver seminars on key nutrition topics like optimising health and performance, and other areas that are of interest to the group (often splitting the schedule with coaches to deliver different workshops so all attendees get as much as possible on the retreat). We tackle the assault course in various ways (to also give some good workouts while you are with us), challenging everyone whatever your ability level, and giving you a chance to conquer it, if you choose, on the last day. Ben also runs a small session for the trainers that come out on the retreat aimed at personal development, and Ben runs an open Q&A session with all the group to freestyle on stuff you want to know while you are with us.

In short, we will teach you some super cool stuff that everyone would want to know, then tailor the rest of the trip to the needs and wants of the group. As you can see the retreat is action packed, and there is lots of exercise during your stay, please rest 2-3 days as a minimum before you come on the retreat so you are well rested and handle the training, don’t train up until the day you fly as we want you to be able to get the most out of the retreat and be able to join in everything.

What is the accommodation?

The accommodation is in log cabins with en-suite facilities, air con, fridge, electrical points (bring your travel adaptors) with cupboards and drawers for storage. All retreat participants will be in shared accommodation, staying with other awesome, like-minded people. There are 4 people sharing per cabin. See photos above for images of the cabin and Mikes Gym.

Who will be your coaches?

The coaches joining you on the retreat will be Simon Herbert, Carl Greenslade and Ben Coomber.

What food will you eat?

During your time on the retreat you will eat a variety of very healthy local cuisine, all freshly prepared every day by an on-site chef. Food is served in a communal buffet format, enough for the number of people on the retreat. A communal kitchen will also be stocked with snacks such as fruit, rice cakes and nut butter, nuts, whey protein and other local snacks. An option to buy supplements like electrolytes (important when training in heat), whey protein, pre-workout and other bits will be available at a small cost. Bring some change with you as we operate an honesty box system where you can help yourself.

Where is Mike’s Gym?

Marbella, Spain, up in the hills of La Cala, a beautiful spot only 5 minutes drive from the coast. It’s a beautiful, quiet, idyllic spot which you will fall in love with while on the retreat.

Information you need to know

Please do not book your flights straight away when you book your retreat place, please wait for Charlotte to co-ordinate with you. When booking flights, fly into Malaga airport on the morning of your retreat (ideally before 11am), and fly out in the afternoon or evening of the day you are leaving the retreat (after 1pm), maximising the time you are with us. If you cannot get an early flight into Malaga the morning of the retreat it would be best to fly in the night before and stay in Malaga or at the airport to ensure you are there for the retreat starting). If you do have any questions please direct them, and all emails, to

What dates are available this summer?

  • 14-18th July – 5 day retreat
  • 23-27th September – 5 day retreat

Price includes retreat stay, all food (apart from one meal out on the last night), teaching on retreat, water and anything you use on site. Transfers can be purchased for £12.50 per person, per trip (so you will need x2) separately, once you have confirmed your space. Spending money will be needed for afternoon trip to the local sights, and anything else you might want. Flights are an additional cost and should be arranged by you. Please book in good time as the retreat is very popular and we only have 14 spaces per retreat.


There are two options for payment, you may either pay upfront in full (£850), or by monthly instalment (5 payments of £170) below. This works on a rolling month basis, so the later you book, the more your first instalment will be. Once we receive payment, we will be in touch with further details. Again, please do not go ahead and book your flight before we have confirmed your space.

Always feel free to email with any questions and she will come back to you in 24-48 hours.

July 2017 retreat

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September 2017 retreat

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